Are you struggling with difficult relationships, anxiety or self-doubt, feeling like you have more to offer the world but not sure how to make that happen? Did you grow up in a conservative religious culture that prevented you from expressing your authentic self? Have you recently left a high-control group and now you're wondering how to heal?

You deserve to have space to be seen, heard, heal from what's hurt you, and vision the future you want. You can learn how to navigate those difficult family relationships, figure out why you feel anxious and how to manage that, get un-stuck creatively and work through self-doubt. You can also find a way to live an authentic and meaningful life in this crazy world. Your voice matters.

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Other reasons you might be seeking therapy include

You are grieving a loss or trauma, or struggling with perinatal mental health concerns after giving birth

You're so smart that you're often in your head but you have trouble getting in touch with what you're feeling, and it's impacting your relationships negatively

You're struggling with existential malaise and you're not sure what your purpose is

Self-doubt keeps you from speaking up or showing up fully in your life

You had a parent who made it all about them, all the time. Now you're an adult and still struggling with that relationship

You feel like an outsider or don't know where you fit in

You just want more for your life

Individual therapy for creatives

Therapy can help you reconnect with yourself, strengthen your relationships and live a purposeful life.

You will get out of this work what you put into it. What you do between sessions is just as important as what happens in sessions. If you choose to, you can...

Learn to manage anxiety

Develop healthier relationships

Connect to yourself in a deeper way

Heal from what’s hurt you in the past

Investment: $225/45 minute session

Somatic wilderness therapy/Nature Therapy

You feel more comfortable, and more yourself, outdoors surrounded by trees or near water. Let’s meet outside! Nature is therapeutic in itself.

I have special training in ecotherapy from the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute in Colorado. Therapy can help you to...

Discover who you are

Get deeply connected to the earth and to your wisest self

Increase your ability to live presently and mindfully

Let go of what is holding you back

Investment: $250/55 minute session

Group therapy

We learn relationship and communication relationships! Group therapy allows you to know and accept yourself and others in a deeper way. Participants are invited to put their thoughts and feelings into words and to explore the dynamics that happen between them, which often mirror dynamics that happen out in the real world.

Together we'll learn how to...

Improve your personal relationships

Understand your impact on others

Give and receive support

Understand the dynamics in your relationships

Investment: $50/90 minute session 1x/week

"Be grateful, though you have considered all the facts"

Wendell Berry