For couples who want more from life & more from their relationship.

You still love each other, but your fights are damaging and get escalated so quickly. You’re tired of feeling misunderstood and you’re getting resentful and depressed. It’s hard to get through challenges together or big life changes without shutting down or escalating. You’re intelligent, creative, and you care about each other and the world but you’re stuck in negative dynamics.

When you invest in your relationship you are making an investment in your own health and happiness as well as your partner’s. No one is singled out as the “bad” guy or the reason for the problem. Rather, we explore what’s happening between you and in the context of your lives. By transforming your relationship, you can transform yourselves.

Couples Therapy

We start with a thorough assessment of where your relationship is at over 3 sessions. Then we decide what specific goals you want to focus on as a couple, and we get to work!

The process is sometimes difficult, but also often fun. If you choose to, you can...

Heal from past traumas and fights

Strengthen your communication skills

Deepen your intimacy

Investment: $225/60 minute session

Nature-based intensives for couples

Maybe you are struggling with escalated fights, feeling distant from your partner, or healing from a trauma such as an affair. You don’t want to wait week to week for your one hour appointment - you want six months of therapy in one weekend! That’s what Nature-based intensives provide.

You have the opportunity to deeply connect with your partner over an intensive weekend and rest and recharge using nature as a resource. You will learn...

Practice healthy communication & compromise skills

Process past incidents that pushed you apart

15 hours of therapy over 3 days

After the weekend, some couples feel ready to go forward without continued therapy; others want to keep meeting weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Investment: $6,000

“All suffering prepares one for vision”

Martin Buber