Therapy for couples and creatives who want more from life.

You care about each other and the world but get stuck in negative dynamics.

Develop deeper relationships, find your voice, become who you are.

You can be your best self in relationships. Therapy can help you get to where you want to go.

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Reconnect with each other and reconnect with yourself.

therapy for creatives

Overcome anxiety and self-doubt, make peace with your past, and become who you truly are.

couples therapy

Heal your relationship, communicate effectively, deepen your intimacy.


hi, i'm susanna

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I’m a zen practicing therapist + musician who loves working with people on their journeys to healthier relationships and becoming their most authentic selves. Trees, books, stringed instruments and meditating outside make me really happy.

In our work together, I want to help you tap into your own creativity and inner wisdom while also helping you develop skills to live a purposeful life, strengthen your relationships, and reach your goals as a couple or an individual.

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How to Offer a Kickass Apology

(even when you don’t want to)

We all mess up and hurt the ones we love, especially when we are stressed. This download will guide you through simple ways to offer a kickass apology so that you can repair what happened effectively.

Apologizing is an art that we can get better at with time and effort!

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